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Scripting and automation

Scripting and automation

Scripting in SPSS Modeler is a powerful tool for automating processes in the user interface. Scripts can perform the same types of actions that you perform with a mouse or a keyboard, and you can use them to automate tasks that would be highly repetitive or time consuming to perform manually.

You can use scripts to:

  • Impose a specific order for node executions in a flow.
  • Set properties for a node as well as perform derivations using a subset of CLEM (Control Language for Expression Manipulation).
  • Specify an automatic sequence of actions that normally involves user interaction—for example, you can build a model and then test it.
  • Set up complex processes that require substantial user interaction—for example, cross-validation procedures that require repeated model generation and testing.
  • Set up processes that manipulate flows—for example, you can take a model training flow, run it, and produce the corresponding model-testing flow automatically.
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