settoflagnode properties

SetToFlag node iconThe SetToFlag node derives multiple flag fields based on the categorical values defined for one or more nominal fields.


node = stream.create("settoflag", "My node")
node.setKeyedPropertyValue("fields_from", "Drug", ["drugA", "drugX"])
node.setPropertyValue("true_value", "1")
node.setPropertyValue("false_value", "0")
node.setPropertyValue("use_extension", True)
node.setPropertyValue("extension", "Drug_Flag")
node.setPropertyValue("add_as", "Suffix")
node.setPropertyValue("aggregate", True)
node.setPropertyValue("keys", ["Cholesterol"])
Table 1. settoflagnode properties
settoflagnode properties Data type Property description
fields_from [category category category] all  
true_value string Specifies the true value used by the node when setting a flag. The default is T.
false_value string Specifies the false value used by the node when setting a flag. The default is F.
use_extension flag Use an extension as a suffix or prefix to the new flag field.
extension string  
add_as Suffix Prefix Specifies whether the extension is added as a suffix or prefix.
aggregate flag Groups records together based on key fields. All flag fields in a group are enabled if any record is set to true.
keys list Key fields.