Scripting differences

This section covers some of the differences between SPSS Modeler scripting in Cloud Pak for Data and scripting in SPSS Modeler Desktop. Users who are familiar with SPSS Modeler Desktop and new to Cloud Pak for Data may find this information useful.

You can't use scripting to perform the following tasks with SPSS Modeler in Cloud Pak for Data:

  • Load data from a file, output data to a file, or run multiple flows (since streams can't be loaded from a file)
  • Print results (you can't output debug information or error messages)
  • Work with import/source nodes other than the Data Asset, User Input, Sim Gen, and Extension Import nodes, or work with export nodes other than the Data Asset Export and Extension Export nodes
  • Run selected lines, stop execution and check syntax, run looping/conditional execution, or append default scripts
  • Run command line arguments
  • Use parameters to set the data source name (but when you select a database to access, you can change the table for that database)