Common modeling node properties

The following properties are common to some or all modeling nodes. Any exceptions are noted in the documentation for individual modeling nodes as appropriate.

Table 1. Common modeling node properties
Property Values Property description
custom_fields flag If true, allows you to specify target, input, and other fields for the current node. If false, the current settings from an upstream Type node are used.
target or targets field or [field1 ... fieldN] Specifies a single target field or multiple target fields depending on the model type.
inputs [field1 ... fieldN] Input or predictor fields used by the model.
partition field  
use_partitioned_data flag If a partition field is defined, this option ensures that only data from the training partition is used to build the model.
use_split_data flag  
splits [field1 ... fieldN] Specifies the field or fields to use for split modeling. Effective only if use_split_data is set to True.
use_frequency flag Weight and frequency fields are used by specific models as noted for each model type.
frequency_field field  
use_weight flag  
weight_field field  
use_model_name flag  
model_name string Custom name for new model.
mode Simple Expert