extensionexportnode properties

Extension Export node iconWith the Extension Export node, you can run R or Python for Spark scripts to export data.

Python for Spark example

#### script example for Python for Spark
import modeler.api
stream = modeler.script.stream()
node = stream.create("extension_export", "extension_export")
node.setPropertyValue("syntax_type", "Python")

python_script = """import spss.pyspark.runtime
from pyspark.sql import SQLContext
from pyspark.sql.types import *

cxt = spss.pyspark.runtime.getContext()
df = cxt.getSparkInputData()
print df.dtypes[:]
_newDF = df.select("Age","Drug")
print _newDF.dtypes[:]
df.select("Age", "Drug").write.save("/opt/IBM/SPSS/ModelerServer/Cloud/demos/Drug.json", format="json")

node.setPropertyValue("python_syntax", python_script)

R example

#### script example for R
node.setPropertyValue("syntax_type", "R")
node.setPropertyValue("r_syntax", """write.csv(modelerData, "/opt/IBM/SPSS/ModelerServer/Cloud/demos/ export.csv")""")
Table 1. extensionexportnode properties
extensionexportnode properties Data type Property description
syntax_type R Python Specify which script runs – R or Python (R is the default).
r_syntax string The R scripting syntax to run.
python_syntax string The Python scripting syntax to run.
Option to convert flag fields.
convert_missing flag Option to convert missing values to the R NA value.
convert_datetime flag Option to convert variables with date or datetime formats to R date/time formats.
Options to specify to what format variables with date or datetime formats are converted.