dataassetexport properties

Data Asset Export node iconYou can use the Data Asset Export node to write to remove data sources using connections, write to a data file on your local computer, or write data to a project.


dataassetexport = stream.findByType("dataassetexport", None)
dataassetexport.setPropertyValue("connection_path", "/WNF86544/predictions")[])
Table 1. dataassetexport properties
dataassetexport properties Data type Property description
user_settings string Escaped JSON string containing the interaction properties for the connection. Contact IBM for details about available interaction points.


user_settings: "{\"interactionProperties\":{\"write_mode\":\"write\",\"file_name\":\"output.csv\",\"file_format\":\"csv\",\"quote_numerics\":true,\"encoding\":\"utf-8\",\"first_line_header\":true,\"include_types\":false}}"

Note that these values will change based on the type of connection you're using.