anonymizenode properties

Anonymize node iconThe Anonymize node transforms the way field names and values are represented downstream, thus disguising the original data. This can be useful if you want to allow other users to build models using sensitive data, such as customer names or other details.


stream =
typenode = stream.findByID("id42KW3MSA94B")

node = stream.createAt("anonymize", "My node", 192, 96), node)

# Anonymize node requires the input fields while setting the values
node.setKeyedPropertyValue("enable_anonymize", "Age", True)
node.setKeyedPropertyValue("transformation", "Age", "Random")
node.setKeyedPropertyValue("set_random_seed", "Age", True)
node.setKeyedPropertyValue("random_seed", "Age", 123)
node.setKeyedPropertyValue("enable_anonymize", "Drug", True)
node.setKeyedPropertyValue("use_prefix", "Drug", True)
node.setKeyedPropertyValue("prefix", "Drug", "myprefix")
Table 1. anonymizenode properties
anonymizenode properties Data type Property description
enable_anonymize flag When set to True, activates anonymization of field values (equivalent to selecting Yes for that field in the Anonymize Values column).
use_prefix flag When set to True, a custom prefix will be used if one has been specified. Applies to fields that will be anonymized by the Hash method and is equivalent to choosing the Custom option in the Replace Values settings for that field.
prefix string Equivalent to typing a prefix into the text box in the Replace Values settings. The default prefix is the default value if nothing else has been specified.
transformation Random Fixed Determines whether the transformation parameters for a field anonymized by the Transform method will be random or fixed.
set_random_seed flag When set to True, the specified seed value will be used (if transformation is also set to Random).
random_seed integer When set_random_seed is set to True, this is the seed for the random number.
scale number When transformation is set to Fixed, this value is used for "scale by." The maximum scale value is normally 10 but may be reduced to avoid overflow.
translate number When transformation is set to Fixed, this value is used for "translate." The maximum translate value is normally 1000 but may be reduced to avoid overflow.