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Databases for EDB on IBM watsonx

Databases for EDB on IBM watsonx


The Databases for EDB service provides the EDB Postgres Advanced Server database engine that optimizes the built-in features of PostgreSQL. EDB Postgres Advanced Server (formerly known as EnterpriseDB) is a PostgreSQL-based database engine optimized for performance, developer productivity, and compatibility with Oracle. Databases for EDB is a fully managed offering with 24x7 operations and support. Features include high availability, automated backup orchestration, and de-coupled scaling of storage, RAM, and vCPUs.

IBM® watsonx does not yet include a connection to EDB Postgres Advanced Server, however, you can use the PostgreSQL connector to create connections to EDB Postgres Advanced Server from Watson Studio.

This service provides a database that you can connect to from Watson Studio.

Restriction: When you connect to EDB through IBM watsonx, you can use PostgreSQL features, but not EDB Postgres Advanced Server features. See the list of differences between PostgreSQL and EDB Postgres Advanced Server. This restriction applies only when you access EDB through IBM watsonx. This restriction does not apply when you have an external service that uses the EDB Postgres Advanced Server driver to access the EDB Postgres Advanced Server service provisioned through IBM watsonx.

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