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Db2 Warehouse on IBM watsonx

Db2 Warehouse on IBM watsonx


IBM Db2 Warehouse is an analytics data warehouse that features in-memory data processing and in-database analytics. It is client-managed and optimized for fast and flexible deployment, with automated scaling that supports analytics workloads. Based on the number of worker nodes selected, IBM® watsonx automatically creates the appropriate data warehouse environment. For a single node, the warehouse uses symmetric multiprocessing (SMP) architecture for cost-efficiency. For two or more nodes, the warehouse is deployed using a massively parallel processing (MPP) architecture for high availability and improved performance.

Integrating a Db2 Warehouse database with IBM watsonx can be useful in the following situations:

  • You have developers who need to create small-scale database management systems for development and test work. For example, if you need to test new applications and data sources in a development environment before you move them to a production environment.
  • You want to accelerate line-of-business analytics projects by creating a data mart service that combines a governed data source with analytic techniques.
  • You need to deliver self-service analytics solutions and applications that leverage data that is generated from new sources and is ingested directly into the private cloud warehouse.
  • You want to migrate a subset of applications or data from an on-premises data warehouse to a private cloud.
  • You want to save money or improve performance by migrating on-premises data marts or an on-premises data warehouse to a cloud-native data warehouse.
  • You want to support data scientists who are coding and need to store data locally and need to use a logical representation.
  • You want to reduce network traffic and improve analytic performance by storing your data near your analytics engine.
  • You have multiple departments, and each department requires their own database management system.

This service provides a database that you can connect to from Watson Studio.

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