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watsonx.governance on IBM watsonx

watsonx.governance on IBM watsonx


Use watsonx.governance to analyze your AI with trust and transparency and understand how your AI models make decisions. Detect and mitigate bias and drift. Increase the quality and accuracy of your predictions. Explain transactions and perform what-if analysis. Extend the governance capabilities with support for tracking predictive and generative model assets in AI use cases. Details about the tracked assets are recorded in fact sheets to use for your governance and compliance requirements.

Watsonx.governance provides an enterprise-grade environment for AI applications that provides your enterprise visibility into how your AI is built, is used, and delivers return on investment. Its open platform enables businesses to operate and automate AI at scale with transparent, explainable outcomes that are free from harmful bias and drift. Watsonx.governance supports external models that are developed in third-party providers, including Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure.

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