Visualize your data in Data Refinery

Visualizing information in graphical ways can give you insights into your data. By enabling you to look at and explore data from different perspectives, visualizations can help you identify patterns, connections, and relationships within that data as well as understand large amounts of information very quickly. At any time after you've added data to Data Refinery, you can visualize your data.

To visualize your data:

  1. From Data Refinery, click the Visualizations tab.

  2. Select the columns that you want to work with, then click Visualize Data.

  3. If the type of visualization that you want to see isn't currently displayed, select it from the Chart types list.

    Tip: The chart types are ordered from most relevant to least relevant, based on the selected columns.

  4. Optional: If you're familiar with Brunel Visualization Language, you can modify the visualization by editing the syntax and then clicking Update Visualization.

Brunel Visualization Language

Brunel Visualization Language is a high-level language developed by IBM and open-sourced in 2015. Brunel describes visualizations in terms of composable actions, and drives a visualization engine (D3) that performs the actual rendering and interactivity.

Brunel visualizations

Many types of Brunel visualizations are interactive: you can zoom and pan across a graph, for example. You can also view more complex visualizations that display multiple dimensions.

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