Set up a project

A project is how you organize your resources to achieve a particular goal. Your project resources can include data, collaborators, and analytic assets like notebooks and models.

You must associate object storage with your project to store assets. Each project has a separate bucket to hold the project's assets. If you are not an administrator for the IBM Cloud Object Storage instance, it must be configured to allow project creation.

If you want to access a catalog in the project, the project has these requirements:

  • The project and the catalog must be created by members of the same IBM Cloud account, or, if your company set up SAML federation on IBM Cloud, employees of the same company.
  • If you want to add catalog assets to the project, you must choose to restrict who can be a collaborator in the project. If you just want to publish assets to a catalog, you don't need to restrict the project.

To create a project:

  1. Click New project on the Watson Studio home page or your My Projects page.
  2. If you have the Watson Studio app, you choose a project starter. If you have only the Watson Knowledge Catalog app, your project has data preparation tools. See Project starters.
  3. If prompted, select or provision the required services.
  4. On the New project screen, add a name and optional description for the project.
  5. Choose whether to restrict who you can add as a collaborators. You can't change this setting after you create the project.
    • Select the Restrict who can be a collaborator checkbox if you want to add catalog assets to the project or restrict the project to internal users for security reasons. You can add only members of your IBM Cloud account, or, if your company has SAML federation set up in IBM Cloud, employees of your company. The checkbox is selected by default if you are a member of a catalog.
    • Clear the checkbox if you don't have confidential data and you don't need to add assets from a catalog. Project members who are also catalog members can publish assets from the project to the catalog.
  6. If prompted, choose or add the services associated with the tool you selected. You might be prompted to add services as you add assets that require them. You can also add other services after you create the project, on the Settings page.
  7. Choose an existing object storage service instance or create a new one.
  8. Click Create. Your new project opens and you can start adding resources to it.

The object storage bucket name for the project is based on the project name without spaces or non-alphanumberic characters plus a unique identifier.

Watch this video to see how to create a complete project.

Figure 1. Video iconCreate a complete project
This video shows you how to create a complete project.

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