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XML Output stage in DataStage

XML Output stage in DataStage

You can convert tabular data to XML data using the XML Output stage.

Use the XML Output stage to transform tabular data such as relational tables or sequential files into hierarchical XML. You can extract data from a single column in a table or a whole document. XML Output supports a single input link and one or more output links.

Stage tab

Specify whether to validate the output XML document. See Validation settings for XML schemas in DataStage.

Input tab

In the Input tab, select the input columns. Specify XPath expressions under the Description property.

Output tab

In the Output tab, you can specify a reject link. Specify XPath expressions under the Description property.

Under Document settings, select Generate XML chunk to generate only XML fragments. You can add headers, namespace declarations of format xmlns:<prefix>="<namespace_url>", and document type declarations. You can also insert a nested chunk into the generated XML.

You can specify NULL processing under Transformation settings. See Transformation settings.

Under Options, you can specify a file to write output data to and select formatting options. Select new line style and indentation character.

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