Updating the state file

To update the state file, add a Surrogate Key Generator stage to a flow with a single input link from another stage. If the state file does not exist, you can optionally create it in the same flow.

Before you edit the Surrogate Key Generator stage, you must edit the stage on the input link. In the data input stage, specify details about the data source, such as the table name and connection properties, and define the column metadata.
  1. Open the Surrogate Key Generator details pane.
  2. On the Stage tab, define the stage properties in the Properties section:
    1. Set the Source Type property to Flat File.
    2. Specify a source name in the Source name field.
    3. Set the Key source update action property to Update, or if the state file does not exist and you want to create it, select Create and Update.
    4. Select the input column to update the state file.
      The input column usually is the surrogate key column.
    5. Optional: On the Advanced tab, change the processing settings for the stage.
  3. Optional: On the Input tab, define the input data to the stage:
    1. In the Partitioning section, change the partition settings for the input link.
    2. In the Columns section, configure columns as needed.
    3. In the Advanced section, change the buffer settings for the input link.
  4. Click Save to save your changes and to close the Surrogate Key Generator details pane.