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Row Generator stage in DataStage

Row Generator stage

The Row Generator stage produces a set of mock data fitting the specified metadata. This is useful where you want to test your job but have no real data available to process.

The Row Generator stage is a development and debug stage. It has no input links, and a single output link. Consider using the column generator stage in conjunction with this stage to add extra columns to existing data sets: Column Generator stage.

The metadata you specify on the output link determines the columns you are generating.

For decimal values the Row Generator stage uses dfloat. As a result, the generated values are subject to the approximate nature of floating point numbers. Not all of the values in the valid range of a floating point number are representable. The further a value is from zero, the greater the number of significant digits, the wider the gaps between representable values.

When you double-click the Row Generator stage, the properties panel opens. The properties panel has two tabs:

  • Stage. This is always present and is used to specify general information about the stage.
  • Output. This is where you specify details about the generated data being output from the stage.
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