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Filter stage in DataStage

Filter Stage

The Filter stage transfers unmodified records of the input data set that satisfy the specified requirements and filters out all other records.

The Filter stage is a processing stage. It can have a single input link and a any number of output links and, optionally, a single reject link. You can specify different requirements to route rows down different output links. The filtered out records can be routed to a reject link.

The stage editor has three tabs:

  • Stage. This is always present and is used to specify general information about the stage.
  • Input. This is where you specify details about the input link carrying the data to be filtered.
  • Output. This is where you specify details about the filtered data being output from the stage down the various output links.

Watch the following video for an example of how to work with the DataStage® Filter stage.

This video provides a visual method to learn the concepts and tasks in this documentation.

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