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Column Import stage in DataStage

Column Import stage

The Column Import stage imports data from a single column and outputs it to one or more columns.

The Column Import stage is a restructure stage. It can have a single input link, a single output link, and a single rejects link. The complement to this stage is the Column Export stage.

You would typically use it to divide data arriving in a single column into multiple columns. The data would be fixed-width or delimited in some way to tell the Column Import stage where to make the divisions. The input column must be a string or binary data. The output columns can be any data type.

You supply an import table definition to specify the target columns and their types. This also determines the order in which data from the import column is written to output columns. Information about the format of the incoming column (for example, how it is delimited) is given in the Format section on the Output tab. Optionally, you can save reject records. Reject records are records that have an import that was rejected. You can write these to a rejects link.

In addition to importing a column you can also pass other columns straight through the stage. So, for example, you could pass a key column straight through.

When you double-click the stage, the properties panel opens. The properties panel has three tabs:

  • Stage. This is always present and is used to specify general information about the stage.
  • Input. This is where you specify details about the data set having its duplicates removed.
  • Output. This is where you specify details about the processed data being output from the stage.
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