Logging messages with the Java Integration stage

You can use the Logger class (com.ibm.is.cc.javastage.api.Logger) to log runtime and design-time messages for your job.

At run time, error, warning, and informational messages are written to the job log. For example, your code can write informational messages by calling Logger.information(). The runtime code of the Java™ Integration stage connector also logs messages to the job log.

The design-time messages are stored in the Connector Access Service log, which you can view in the InfoSphere® Information Server Web console. For example, your code can debug messages by calling Logger.debug(). The design-time code of the Java Integration stage also logs messages to the Connector Access Service log.

The Logger class provides the following methods:
  • debug(int messageNumber, String message)
  • debug(String message)
  • fatal(String message)
  • getComponentID()
  • information(int messageNumber, String message)
  • information(String message)
  • isDebugEnabled ()
  • setComponentID(String compID)
  • warning(int messageNumber, String message)
  • warning(String message)

For more information about the Logger class, see the Javadoc for the Java Integration stage API.