Overview: Watson Machine Learning

Using IBM Watson Machine Learning, you can build analytical models and neural networks, trained with your own data, that you can deploy for use in applications.


IBM Watson Machine Learning service

Watson Machine Learning is a service on IBM Cloud with features for training and deploying machine learning models and neural networks:


IBM Watson Studio

Watson Studio is a collaborative environment with graphical tools for designing, training, deploying, and managing models with your Watson Machine Learning services:

  • Model builder guides you, step by step, through building a model that uses Spark ML algorithms
  • Flow editor presents a graphical view of your model while you build it by combining nodes representing objects or actions (including SPSS Modeler nodes, Spark ML algorithm nodes, and neural network nodes)
  • Notebooks provide an interactive programming environment for working with data, testing models, and rapid prototyping
  • Experiment builder automates running hundreds of training runs while tracking and storing results