Output data definition

When submitting your job you can define what output data you want and how you collect it (as either inline or referenced data).

For example:
  • To collect solution.csv output as inline data:
    "output_data": [{
  • Regexp can be also used as an identifier. For example to collect all csv output files as inline data:
    "output_data": [{
  • Similarly for reference data, to collect all csv files in COS/S3 in job specific folder, you can combine regexp and ${job_id} and ${ attachment_name } place holder
    "output_data_references": [{
         "type": "s3",
         "connection": {
                  "endpoint_url": " XXXXXXXXX ",
                  "access_key_id": " XXXXXXXXX ",
                  "secret_access_key": " XXXXXXXXX "
         "location": {
    		"bucket": "XXXXXXXXX",
    		"path": "${job_id}/${attachment_name}"					}
    For example, here if you have a job with identifier <XXXXXXXXX> to generate a solution.csv file, you will have in your COS/S3 bucket, a XXXXXXXXX / solution.csv file.