Country Statistics: Gross National Saving

Gross national saving is derived by deducting final consumption expenditure from Gross national disposable income, and consists of personal saving, plus business saving, plus government saving, but excludes foreign saving. The figures are presented as a percent of GDP. A negative number indicates that the economy as a whole is spending more income than it produces, thus drawing down national wealth (dissaving).

RankCountry(% OF GDP)Date of Information
RankCountry(% OF GDP)Date of Information
1Brunei56.102014 est.
2Qatar56.002014 est.
3Kuwait54.802014 est.
4Algeria53.202014 est.
5China49.502014 est.
6Iran47.302014 est.
7Singapore46.802014 est.
8Saudi Arabia45.802014 est.
9Equatorial Guinea43.202014 est.
10Mongolia40.202014 est.
11Oman38.302014 est.
12Azerbaijan38.102014 est.
13Botswana37.602014 est.
14Gabon37.602014 est.
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