Country Statistics: Taxes And Other Revenues

Taxes and other revenues records total taxes and other revenues received by the national government during the time period indicated, expressed as a percent of GDP. Taxes include personal and corporate income taxes, value added taxes, excise taxes, and tariffs. Other revenues include social contributions - such as payments for social security and hospital insurance - grants, and net revenues from public enterprises.

RankCountry(% OF GDP)Date of Information
RankCountry(% OF GDP)Date of Information
2Kuwait69.72014 est.
3Venezuela68.22014 est.
4Marshall Islands57.6FY09 est.
5Norway57.52014 est.
6Denmark55.52014 est.
7Lesotho55.32014 est.
9Finland53.02014 est.
10Sweden52.12014 est.
11France51.92014 est.
12Hungary51.12014 est.
13Belgium50.72014 est.
14Brunei50.32014 est.
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