Country Statistics: Debt - External

Debt - external compares the total public and private debt owed to nonresidents repayable in foreign currency, goods, or services. These figures are calculated on an exchange rate basis.

RankCountryDEBT - EXTERNALDate of Information
RankCountryDEBT - EXTERNALDate of Information
1European Union$15,950,000,000,00031 December 2012 est.
2United States$15,680,000,000,00031 December 2012 est.
3United Kingdom$9,577,000,000,00031 December 2013 est.
4Germany$5,717,000,000,00031 December 2012 est.
5France$5,371,000,000,00031 December 2012 est.
6Japan$3,017,000,000,00031 December 2012 est.
7Luxembourg$2,935,000,000,00031 December 2012 est.
8Italy$2,604,000,000,00031 December 2013 est.
9Netherlands$2,347,000,000,00031 December 2013 est.
10Spain$2,278,000,000,00031 December 2012 est.
11Ireland$2,164,000,000,00031 December 2012 est.
12Switzerland$1,544,000,000,00031 December 2012 est.
13Australia$1,480,000,000,00031 December 2014 est.
14Belgium$1,424,000,000,00031 December 2012 est.
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