Roads paved as % of total roads by country

The World Development Indicators (WDI) is the statistical benchmark that helps measure the progress of development. The WDI provides a comprehensive overview of development drawing on data from the World Bank and more than 30 partners.

2: Aggregated based on the most recent country level data available for 2005-2011.
3: Aggregated based on the most recent country level data available for 2000-2005.
4: Aggregated based on the most recent country level data available for 1999-2003.
5: Data on road network do not include streets within built-up areas that are maintained by municipalities. They include only those sections that are classified as part of the national road network. Source: The Road Infrastructure agency attached to the Mini
6: The data pre and post 2005 cannot be contrasted, as village roads have been included in the statistics for road length since that year.
7: Paved: refers to asphalt, cobblestone and macadam surfaces. Unpaved: refers to dirt tracks and designed roads.
8: Data are from the Malaysian Department of Statistics.
9: Paved: refers to the total length of modern pavement (asphalt). Unpaved: refers to the total length of earth and gravel roads.
10: Data for 2011 is draw from the road classification approved by Supreme Decree N. 036-2011-MTC, showing a total of 3,151 km of new roads. For statistical purposes it was decided to consider an additional 41,765 km of existing but unregistered side roads as
11: Data for 2010 is drawn from the road classification approved by DS N. 044-2009-MTC, representing a total of 84,245 km of existing road network divided into 3 categories (National, Departmental and Side roads).
12: Data source from General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways.
13: Other unpaved roads: refer to private roads not benefitting from state subsidies. Up to and including 2007, a rounded figure was applied for this category. Since 2008, more detailed information has been available and the category now includes all other co
14: Source: Directorate General of Highways.
15: Figures for 2011 are estimated by the Ministry of Public works and Housing.
16: Figures for 2005 are estimated.

May 22, 2016
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