Geographic Coordinates of World Locations

This dataset features the latitude and longitude coordinates (degrees, minutes) of over 1400 locations, including countries, regions, cities, islands, waterways, provinces, enclaves, and more.

NameRegionLatitude (Deg. Min.)Longitude (Deg. Min.)
NameRegionLatitude (Deg. Min.)Longitude (Deg. Min.)
Abidjan (capital)Cote d'Ivoire5 19 N4 02 W
Abkhazia (region)Georgia43 00 N41 00 E
Abu Dhabi (capital)United Arab Emirates24 28 N54 22 E
Abu Musa (island)Iran25 52 N55 03 E
Abuja (capital)Nigeria9 12 N7 11 E
Abyssinia (former name for Ethiopia)Ethiopia8 00 N38 00 E
Acapulco (city)Mexico16 51 N99 55 W
Accra (capital)Ghana5 33 N0 13 W
Adamstown (capital)Pitcairn Islands25 04 S130 05 W
Addis Ababa (capital)Ethiopia9 02 N38 42 E
Adelie Land (claimed by France; also Terre Adelie)Antarctica66 30 S139 00 E
Aden (city)Yemen12 46 N45 01 E
Aden, Gulf ofIndian Ocean12 30 N48 00 E
Admiralty IslandUnited States (Alaska)57 44 N134 20 W
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