The Nurse Assignment Problem data

This data set is an Exel file (.xls) and is used in the The Nurse Assignment Problem notebook to build a Decision Optimization model, and get its solution by solving the model with IBM Decision Optimization on Cloud. This is a simulated data set.

The input data consists of several tables:

  • The Departments table lists all departments in the scope of the assignment.
  • The Skills table lists all available nursing skills.
  • The Shifts table lists all shifts to be staffed. A shift contains a department, a day in the week, plus the start and end times.
  • The Nurses table lists all nurses, identified by their names.
  • The NurseSkills table gives the skills of each nurse.
  • The SkillRequirements table lists the minimum number of persons required for a given department and skill.
  • The NurseVacations table lists days off for each nurse.
  • The NurseAssociations table lists pairs of nurses who wish to work together.
  • The NurseIncompatibilities table lists pairs of nurses who do not want to work together.
May 01, 2017
May 10, 2017

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