Overview of a streams flow in IBM Watson Studio

Watch this video to learn about a streams flow in Watson Studio.

Figure 1. Video iconStreams Flows Overview
This video provides an overview of the streams flows feature.


Data is growing fast in volume, variety, and complexity. Every day, we create 2.5 quintillion bytes of data! Traditional analytic solutions are not able to fully unlock the potential value of that data.

In a streams flow, you can access and analyze massive amounts of changing data as it is created. Regardless of whether the data is structured or unstructured, you can leverage data at scale to drive real-time analytics for up-to-the-minute business decisions.

A streams flow is easy to design and deploy. You select the data source and target, and we set up the streams flow for you. Example flows are available that you can tweak to meet your specific analytic needs. You can use sample data to test your streams flow design before you push it to production with real data.


Let’s get started with some basic information.

What’s a streams flow?

A streams flow is a continuous flow of massive volumes of moving data that real-time analytics can be applied to.

In IBM Watson Studio, a streams flow is a type of asset that is in a project. By working in a project, data scientists can collaborate to analyze the data, and then solve a common business need.


Components of a streams flow

A basic streams flow consists of a source and a target. Your streams flow can receive streaming data from different source types. Alternatively, you can connect to your own external sources or use our sample data. Your streams flow can send streaming data to different target types.

A streams flow consists of operators. Every node on the streams flow canvas is an operator. The different types of operators include sources, targets, data processing, alerts, and real-time analytics.

All stream flows begin with source operators and end with target operators. Source operators ingest data, so they have ports only on the right side of the operator. An example of a source operator is Event Streams Input operator.

Data is streamed into target operators, so they have ports only on the left of the operator. All other operators have both import and output ports. Multiple data streams can flow to an input port. Likewise, multiple data streams can flow from an output port.


You can quickly get up and running by using an example streams flow that we supply. An example streams flow is a complete end-to-end data flow with sample data that is ready for immediate use. No customization is needed.

You can also download a streams flow, and then import it into a different project.

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