Creating a streams flow by using a wizard

The easiest and fastest way to get a simple streams flow up and running is by using the wizard. In three quick steps, you can design a simple source-to-target streams flow that is ready to run. Your streams flow can be streaming data in minutes!


You must have either the Editor role or the Admin role.

You must have the following provisioned services:

  • Streaming Analytics instance
  • Cloud Object Storage instance


To create a streams flow by using the wizard, perform the following steps:

  1. From the Projects menu, click View All Projects, and then click the name of the project to add your streams flow to. Alternatively, to create a project for the streams flow, click New project.

  2. In the Project page, click the Assets tab, and then click New streams flow.

  3. In the Blank tab of the New streams flow page, type in a unique streams flow name. Click Wizard, and then click Create. You are guided through each step:

    a. In the Select Source page, select the data source from available data types or from sample data. Sample data is useful if you want to try out streams flow or if you do not yet have your data source set up.

    b. In the Preview Source page, preview the data that you selected as the source for your streams flow. You can pause the flow to get a better look at the data, and you can see the incoming data in two different formats. To customize the schema, click Edit Source Schema.

    c. In the Select Target page, select the target for your incoming data. If an instance does not exist on the target, you can provision it now.

    d. In the Save streams flow page, click Save to save and automatically create the streams flow.

    Alternatively, click Add Analytics, and then edit the streams flow to better meet your streaming requirements. For example, you might add other analytic operators and alerts.

  4. In the Metrics page, the newly created streams flow is shown. Click the Run icon Run to begin streaming data.

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