Importing a streams flow

Importing is a simple way to bring a streams flow from a different project or Watson Studio instance into your project. You might use importing when your streams flow needs to run in different locations.

Credentials that are needed for some operators are not imported. As a result, you might not have access to some operators that are associated with services such as Cloud Object Storage and Event Streams.


  • The services that the imported streams flow needs must be configured in your project. To see which services are associated with your project, or to create the services that you need for the new streams flow, click Project. Click the project name, click the Settings tab, and then check the Associated services section.

  • You must have access to the downloaded streams flow file.

  • You must have either the Editor role or the Admin role.


To import a streams flow, follow these steps:

  1. From the Projects menu, click View All Projects, and then click the name of the project to add your streams flow to. Alternatively, to create a project for the streams flow, click New project.

  2. In the Project page, click the Assets tab, and then click New streams flow.

  3. In the New streams flow page, click the From file, or From URL tab, and then perform the following steps:

    From file:

    • Select the Streaming Analytics service.
    • Drag the downloaded streams flow file into the Drop area. The downloaded file is in STP format.
    • If you want, type in a different name for the streams
      flow than the imported name.

    Tip: In the Description area, type in where the imported streams flow originated from.

    From URL:

    • Type in a name for the streams flow.
    • Select the Streaming Analytics service.
    • Enter the URL site of your uploaded file. Ensure that the URL site contains an uploaded file in STP format and that the site is publicly accessible.
  4. Click Create.

  5. In the Metrics page, the newly imported streams flow is shown. Click the Run icon Run to begin streaming.

    The Notification icon Notifications icon in the upper-right corner of the Metrics page is displayed when problems exist with the imported streams flow.

    Click the icon, read the message, and make the corrections.

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