Connections in a streams flow

What is a connection?

A connection contains all information that is needed to access data sources and targets of a streams flow.

Where are connections used?

In the streams flow canvas, connections are used in source and target operators of a streams flow.

Connections can be used only in the project where they were created. For example, the same Event Streams connection can be used in different stream flows in the same project. This connection is not available to stream flows in other projects unless you create the connection in the other projects.

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A connection is shared, which means that when you create a connection in a project, it is automatically available to all stream flows in that project.

You can create a connection to data sources and targets that are in different regions, organizations, or spaces. For example, your streams flow can use an Event Streams connection in the US South region and a Redis connection in the Sidney region.

How do I use connections?

In the streams flow canvas, any place where you need to connect to a data source or target has a connection widget. This widget is in the Properties pane of a source or target operator:

Connection widget

You can select an existing connection from the Select list. If the Select list is not shown, you must create a connection by clicking Add Connection.

Where can I see a list of my connections?

You can see a list of the connections for a project in two places:

  • In the Assets tab of the Project page.


  • In the Assets tab of the canvas of any streams flow in the project.


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