Setting up alerts

You can configure Watson OpenScale to alert you to threshold violations.

You can enable alerts from the Actions menu. After you enable alerts, you can enter the email address to use for alerts and the frequency of the alerts:

The alert dialog box with settings to enable alerts, set the email, and set the frequency

Watson OpenScale uses the time that the alert is set to determine the time of day of the alert itself. When you choose either the daily or weekly option, you should make sure that you are setting the alert at the same time that you wish to receive the email message in your inbox.

The alert comes in the form of an email message that displays the monitors and details about any of the threshold violations:

The alert sample email message shows information about each of the monitors and details for the threshold violations in the fairness monitor

Using Slack with Watson OpenScale alerts

You can deliver Watson OpenScale alerts to Slack by using the email Slack app. Select a channel and look for the custom email address. Use that email address as the recipient when setting up the email alerts in Watson OpenScale.