APIs, SDKs, and tutorials

You may find the following assets useful in working with Watson OpenScale. In particular, the Python SDK is necessary for understanding how to work with notebooks.

Watson OpenScale API

Watson OpenScale is an enterprise-grade environment for AI applications that provides enterprises with visibility into how AI is being built, used, and delivering ROI – at the scale of their business. Use the API to help in your development work. For more information, see IBM Cloud API Docs / Watson OpenScale.

The Python SDK

The Watson OpenScale Python Client is a Python library that works directly with the Watson OpenScale service. For development and automation purposes, you can use the Python client to directly configure the data mart database, bind your machine learning engine, and select and monitor deployments.


The Python SDK tutorial, which provides a Jupyter Notebook to walk you through the process of creating, deploying, and viewing results of a detailed credit risk model scenario in Watson OpenScale, is also available as a tutorial for other machine learning service instances. For more information, see the Watson OpenScale sample notebook repository.

Developer internet resources

The following internet resources are designed to help you with questions or issues that you might have with Watson OpenScale: