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High availability and disaster recovery
High availability and disaster recovery

High availability and disaster recovery

IBM Data Replication is highly available within the Dallas region. However, recovering from potential disasters that affect an entire region requires planning and preparation.

High Availability

Data Replication is deployed and available on us-south (Dallas) region data centers with multiple zone routing (MZR) on three availability zones. At any time, if one zone is not available, the system continues to be available in other availability zones. If two zones are not available, the service will continue to be available at reduced capacity. The global-load balancer and DNS server routes traffic to available zones without any user interruption. Each zone is a data center in the same region.

Data that is stored in source and target databases and Kafka landing zones is not managed by Data Replication. It is the customer’s responsibility to back up data in support of a disaster recovery plan so that services can be re-created.

Back up & Restore

Clients are responsible for backing up and restoring their own data, including connection asset information and data replication asset information. For client backup and restore instructions, please see the IBM Cloud documentation.

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