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Getting and preparing data in a project

Getting and preparing data in a project

After you create a project, or join one, the next step is to add data to the project and prepare the data for analysis.

Required permissions
You must have the Admin or Editor role in a project to add or prepare data.

You can add data assets from your local system, from a catalog, from the Gallery, or from connections to data sources.

You can add these types of data assets to a project:

  • Data assets from files from your local system, including structured data, unstructured data, and images. The files are stored in the project's IBM Cloud Object Storage bucket.
  • Connection assets that contain information for connecting to data sources. You can add connections to IBM or third-party data sources. See Supported connections.
  • Connected data assets that specify a table, view, or file that is accessed through a connection to a data source.
  • Connected folder assets that specify a path in IBM Cloud Object Storage.

To get started quickly, choose a learning path and take a tutorial. See Quick start tutorials and Use case tutorials.

To see which tools you can use to prepare data, open the tools and services map and click Prepare data in the tasks section.

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