Watson Studio offering plans

The plan you choose for Watson Studio affects the features and capabilities that you can use. See the plan pages in IBM Cloud for pricing information.

Watson Studio has Lite, Standard, and Enterprise plans. You can provision multiple Watson Studio Standard and Enterprise instances in an IBM Cloud account. However, you can provision only one Watson Studio Lite instance per IBM Cloud account.

All Watson Studio plans contain these features without additional services:

All Watson Studio plans contain these features that require additional IBM Cloud services:

Some Watson Studio plans include these features:

The Lite plan allows only one user Watson Studio. That means that other collaborators in your projects must have their own Watson Studio Lite plans.

The Standard and Enterprise plans include a set number of authorized users, which are project collaborators who have the Admin or Editor role, plus an unlimited number of collaborators who have the Viewer role. You can pay to have more collaborators with the Admin or Editor roles. You adjust the number of authorized users on the Authorized Users page. See Manage authorized users.

A set amount of compute usage is included in each plan. Compute usage is measured in capacity unit hours (CUH). With the Standard and Enterprise plans, you can pay for more compute usage. For details on computing resource allocation and consumption, see Runtime usage.

Feature Lite Standard Enterprise
Crowd annotation integration  
Custom encryption keys    
Connectors base set more connectors all connectors
Large environments  
GPU environments  
IBM Analytics Engine environments    
Amazon EMR    
Export projects  
Collaborators 1 1 + viewers + pay for more 10 + viewers + pay for more
Processing usage 50 CUH 50 CUH + pay for more 5000 CUH + pay for more
HIPAA readiness     Available if provisioned on IBM Cloud - Dallas region

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