Examples of term input in the rule builder

When creating rules you have to define conditions in the rule builder. Here are examples of how to enter terms in the rule builder:

  • If you start with the system term Asset Manual Classification, you can choose one of the asset classifications from the second term list, such as: Confidential, Personally Identifiable Information (PII), or Sensitive Personal Information (SPI), or an associated business term if available.
  • If you choose the system term Data Class, you can choose one of the data classes, data class groups, or business terms from the second term list.
  • In the following example all users will be denied access except for user3 and user4 if the asset contains the US Social Security Number (SSN):

    If User name does not contains [email protected] [email protected]


    If Data Class contains US Social Security Number
  • Then select Deny.
  • To add several tags manually, separate these tags with a comma, such as:

    If Asset tag contains any marketing announcement, March


    If Asset tag does not contain any internal
  • Then select Deny.

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