Creating a business term for the business glossary

You can create business terms that fit to your organization’s terminology when defining policies.

To create a business term you must be assigned the Admin role for the Watson Knowledge Catalog service.

Open Governance > Business Glossary, then:

  1. Click Add Terms > Create New to create a new business term.
  2. Complete the information about the term:
    • The name of the business term must be unique and can consist of up to 255 characters.
    • Use the business definition to specify the purpose of this term. Keep it short and simple. Try to be precise and use exact descriptions to make it easier to read and find.
    • Use the description to identify this business term. This information is shown as a subtitle in the rule builder lists where this business term can be selected.
    • Define tags or select an existing tag from the list displayed. Click the plus sign icon to add this tag to the term definition.
      Tagging simplifies retrievability because you can later search for or sort by these tags.
    • Specify the owner by typing the name or email address of a user in your IBM Cloud account. You can then choose the account user from the selection list.
      The owner must have an IBM Cloud account email address.
    • With the associated classifier or term you can a map business term to an associated classifier or term only once.
      This way you can rename a system term, asset classification, or data class with a new business term. This new term and description is available in the rule builder lists when defining conditions.
  3. Click Publish to make this term available. It is stored on the Published tab.
    Click Save as draft to process and review this term later. It is stored on the Draft tab. You can edit, delete, publish, or archive draft terms.

With Watson Knowledge Catalog, you can associate the business term you are creating with:

The associated classifier or term is replaced by the new business term and presented where applicable.

Refer to the Related content tab of a published business term to finally check with which assets, policies, or rules this business term has been associated.

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