Hiding data values in asset columns from others

This scenario shows how to redact data values in an asset column. Data in the selected column is replaced with Xs to remove information that is, for example, identifying or otherwise sensitive. With redacted data, neither the format of the data nor referential integrity is retained. See Masking data.

Basic assumption

  • You have an asset that contains sensitive customer information that you want to hide.
  • Your customers’ phone numbers should be hidden.

Next step

  • Create a policy to hide your customers’ phone numbers from an asset.
  • Identify the data class group provided by IBM that comprises phone numbers: Contact Details

  • Create a rule and define the condition:

    Select Data Class to choose Contact Details from the data class group list.

How to define these conditions

Complete the rule builder:

If Data Class contains Contact Details

Then select Anonymize data in columns containing:

Contact Details

Then select Redact to replace phone numbers with Xs. To finish the rule, click Create.

Final steps

  1. Add this rule to the policy you created.
  2. Click Publish to make this policy available for your environment.

The asset column that contains phone numbers are now presented with a string of exactly ten letters of Xs whenever others open this asset.

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