Creating a policy

A policy describes how data should be consumed. It is based on the rules you define. You can design, structure, and establish policies separately and independently. However, to enforce policies you must enable or create at least one catalog.

You can manage and control data usage within your organization. Design policies globally and set up rules not only to organize and control access to sensitive data, but also to maintain an overview and, for example, to keep a history of data access.

To create a policy, you must be assigned the Admin role for the Watson Knowledge Catalog service:

  1. Open Governance > Policy Manager.
  2. Click Add > Policy to create a policy.
  3. Enter the required information:
    • Type a policy name. You can’t reuse the name of an archived policy when you create a new policy.
    • The preselected policy type Access indicates that the purpose of this policy is to control the users’ access to data.
    • Enter a business definition that explains what this policy does in plain language that is easy to understand. Include standard words and terms to make it easy to search for this policy.
    • Assign this policy to a category. You can’t create a policy without an existing category.
    • Define a new rule or select an existing rule for this policy.
  4. Decide how to proceed:
    • Click Save as draft to save this policy as a draft for later processing.
    • Click Publish to publish this policy. Once published, this policy can be enforced and controls access to data assets in all catalogs with policies enforced.

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