Policy usage statistics

To view the Data Dashboard, you must be assigned the Admin role for the Watson Knowledge Catalog service.

Open Governance > Data Dashboard to view and monitor the following activities:

Automatic enforcements

The total number of times in the last month that user actions enforced policies.

Data assets containing personal or restricted data

The total number of assets that contain personal or restricted data.

The subtitles and information tips of this section depend on the business terms and definitions that you have introduced for sensitive or restricted classifications in your environment.

Select View all to list all assets associated with one of these classifications.

Most enforced policies

This table lists the policy names and the total number of enforcements. It also shows the action resulting from each policy enforcement. This way you can identify, for example, which policies have been enforced less or most frequently.

  • Click a policy name in the list to view more details about the selected policy.
  • You can sort the listed policies by name.

Operational policies

The total number of published policies and the total number of rules that are defined for these policies. Operational policies can consist of one or more rules.

Policy enforcements over time

The line chart shows enforced policies over time. Select the time span and granularity to display the information on a daily or monthly basis.

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