Viewing and managing environment runtimes in Watson Studio

By default, only the IBM Cloud account owner or any users who were added to an account as administrators can view and manage the active environment runtimes for Watson Studio.

To see the environment runtimes that are currently running against your account for Watson Studio, click Manage > Environment Runtimes. A list of the active runtimes billed to your account is displayed. You can see who created the runtime, when, and for which project, as well as the capacity units that have been consumed by the active runtime at the time you view the list.

Runtime usage is expressed in capacity unit hours (CUHs), which is the period of time a runtime is active, multiplied by the size of it’s hardware configuration. For example, if your environment is size S (with CU=2) and you run it for 3 hours, you are billed for 6 CUHs.

You are notified if you’re about to reach the runtime capacity limit for the service plan you chose and can select to either stop runtimes or upgrade your plan.

To stop an active runtime, click Actions > Stop on the runtime you want to stop.