Integrating with Information Governance Catalog

If you have existing assets in IBM InfoSphere Information Governance Catalog, you can easily use them in Watson Knowledge Catalog as well to analyze the data with the data science, machine learning, and other artificial intelligence capabilities of Watson Studio. You can import assets from Information Governance Catalog into a Watson Knowledge Catalog catalog.


You must have the Watson Knowledge Catalog Professional plan to import Information Governance Catalog assets.

You must have administrators roles for both InfoSphere Information Server and Watson Knowledge Catalog.

Types of assets

You can import these types of Information Governance Catalog assets:

  • Connections to relational databases
  • Relational databases
  • Schemas
  • Tables and columns

Database assets are combined with connection assets in a catalog. Each combination of Information Governance Catalog database asset and its associated connection asset becomes a connection asset in the catalog.

Schema assets are combined with table assets in a catalog. Each Information Governance Catalog table asset and its associated schema asset becomes a data asset in the catalog.

Other types of assets, for example, business glossary terms, files, or folders, are skipped and not imported into Watson Knowledge Catalog catalogs.

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