Automatically synchronizing assets with Information Governance Catalog

You can configure automatic synchronization of data assets between Information Governance Catalog and a Watson Knowledge Catalog catalog on IBM Cloud with the Information Governance Catalog - Watson Knowledge Catalog Connector. An initial crawl is automatically initiated to synchronize the catalogs with each other. Subsequent changes to assets in either catalog are propagated to the other catalog. See Integrate with Information Governance Catalog for requirements and the types of assets that you can synchronize.

You can obtain the connector on IBM Fix Central. See the InformationGovernanceCatalog-WatsonKnowledgeCatalog-Connector-readme.pdf file included with the connector software package for the requirements for synchronization and how to start, stop, and control synchronization.

Note: This procedure is necessary only for synchronizing to a catalog on IBM Cloud. If you have Watson Knowledge Catalog with an on-premises product, synchronization between Information Governance Catalog and Watson Knowledge Catalog is automatic when you create your first catalog. See Setting up your first catalog with Watson Knowledge Catalog in InfoSphere Information Server 11.7.1, or see Setting up your first catalog with the Watson Knowledge Catalog add-on to 2.1.

Restrictions and limitations

Assets that are added to a catalog through synchronization with Information Governance Catalog have these restrictions:

  • You cannot delete Information Governance Catalog assets from a catalog.
  • You cannot edit the name and description of Information Governance Catalog assets.

The Information Governance Catalog - Watson Knowledge Catalog Connector is single-threaded. Bulk operations might be lengthy.

Start synchronization

To start synchronization:

  1. On a system with access to InfoSphere Information Server, install and configure the Information Governance Catalog - Watson Knowledge Catalog Connector and register the two catalogs.
  2. In your Watson Knowledge Catalog catalog, periodically look at the new assets by filtering by the value of the -igcSystemLabel parameter that was provided in the registerwkc script.
  3. In the Watson Knowledge Catalog catalog, edit each connection asset to an on-premises database:

    a. Complete the connection asset. Associate an existing Secure Gateway service or configure and associate a new Secure Gateway service.

    b. (Optional) Secure the connection asset. Mark the connection asset as private and then add only selected collaborators as members of the connection asset.

  4. In both catalogs, edit other connection assets to add any missing information, as needed.

Stop synchronization

You can stop synchronization by unregistering the synchronization. Unregistering does not delete any assets from either catalog.

Next steps