Overview: Visual Recognition in Watson Studio

The IBM Watson Visual Recognition service uses deep learning algorithms to analyze images for scenes, objects, faces, and other content. IBM Watson Studio provides a collaborative environment in the cloud where you can work with your images and your Visual Recognition custom models.


Visual Recognition service features

Visual Recognition is a service on IBM Cloud. You can use the service in your Watson Studio projects or outside of Watson Studio.

  • Built-in models
    • General model - Default classification from thousands of classes
    • Face model - Facial analysis with age and gender
    • Explicit model - Whether an image is inappropriate for general use
    • Food model - Specifically for images of food items
    • Text model - Text extraction from natural scene images
  • Custom models - Classify images according to your specific needs
  • Core ML - Include your custom models in iOS apps

You can find details about supported plans and features on the Visual Recognition service details page external link in the IBM Cloud catalog.


Watson Studio tools

Visual Recognition model builder

The Visual Recognition model builder in Watson Studio makes it quick and easy to train and test custom models. The model builder also provides quick instructions for downloading ML model (.mlmodel) files for your custom model.

See: Creating a custom model

Visual Recognition model builder in Watson Studio

Image of model builder


Notebooks in Watson Studio provide a collaborative environment to use the Visual Recognition API.

See: Using built-in models

Using the Visual Recognition API in a notebook in Watson Studio

Image of a notebook