Python client

The Watson Machine Learning Python client is a library that allows you to work with Watson Machine Learning service. Train, test and deploy your models as APIs for application development, then share with colleagues using this python library in a notebook.

The v4 Python client library is available for working with all Watson Machine Learning assets.

Using the Watson Machine Learning Python client:

  1. Click Add to project, and then choose “NOTEBOOK”.
  2. Specify a name for the notebook.
  3. Accept the default language, Python, and accept the default runtime.
  4. Click Create Notebook.
  5. Enter your credentials and import the Watson Machine Learning APIs

Watch this video to see a preview of the steps in this tutorial.

Attention: It is a best practice to use the latest version of ibm-watson-machine-learning from If you are using a Watson Studio notebook on Cloud Pak for Data as a Service, the integrated version of the Python client is typically updated within a week of a new version being released. However, if you are using Watson Machine Learning Python client (ibm-watson-machine-learning package) outside of a notebook you should explicitly install the latest version using the pip install ibm-watson-machine-learning command.