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A Jupyter notebook is a web-based environment for interactive computing. You can use notebooks to run small pieces of code that process your data, and you can immediately view the results of your computation.

Notebooks include all of the building blocks you need to work with data:

  • The data
  • The code computations that process the data
  • Visualizations of the results
  • Text and rich media to enhance understanding

In Watson Studio, you work with Jupyter notebooks in the Notebook editor. The notebook editor is largely used for interactive, exploratory data analysis programming and data visualization.

When you open a notebook in the notebook editor in edit mode, the notebook is locked while you are editing it so nobody else can edit the notebook at the same time.

While you hold the lock, only you can make changes to the notebook. All other projects users will see the lock icon on the notebook. Only project administrators are able to unlock a locked notebook and open it in edit mode.

When you close the notebook, the lock is released and another user can select to open the notebook in edit mode. Note that you must close the notebook while the runtime environment is still active. The notebook lock can't be released for you if the runtime was stopped or is in idle state. If the notebook lock is not released for you, you can unlock the notebook from the project's Assets page.

Working with notebooks

In the IBM Watson Studio notebook editor, you can create Python, Scala, and R notebooks to analyze your data.

Required service
Watson Studio

Data size 5 GB. If your files are larger, you must load the data in multiple parts.

For more information on choosing the right tool for your data and use case, see Choosing a tool.

Notebook UI

A notebook

Code computations can build upon each other to quickly unlock key insights from your data. Notebooks record how you worked with data, so you can understand exactly what was done, reproduce computations reliably, and share your findings with others.

If you want to work on more than one notebook at the same time, you can open multiple notebooks on separate browser tabs. To open multiple notebooks, right-click the edit button and select open in a new tab. You can also collaborate with others on your notebooks, add comments, and view a history of your notebooks.

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