Training a Natural Language Classifier model

You can train an IBM Watson Natural Language Classifier model by using the Natural Language Classifier model builder in IBM Watson Studio.


Before you begin



  1. Click Add to project, and then select "Natural Language Classifier model".

  2. If a service instance is not already associated with your project, follow the prompts to create a new service or associate an existing service. Note: A service instance can be associated with only one project at a time.

  3. Enter a name for your model.

  4. Add the .csv file containing your training data (sample text and classes) to your model from the data panel. (If the data panel isn't open, you can open it by clicking the Find and add data icon (The find data icon)
  5. (Optional) Adjust your classes, for example: remove or rename classes, remove a text example from a class, or move a text example from one class to another.

  6. Click Train Model.

  7. Wait for the training process to finish. You can leave the Natural Language Classifier model builder while the process runs. You can monitor the status of the training process by looking at the status of the model on the Assets page of your project.


Next steps