Working with your IBM Watson Machine Learning service using the IBM Cloud dashboard

Watson Machine Learning is a service on IBM Cloud with features for training and deploying machine learning models and neural networks. You can manage your Machine Learning service instance and associated credentials by using the IBM Cloud dashboard.

Note: IBM Watson Studio simplifies managing service instances and managing credentials, but this topic is about using the IBM Cloud dashboard to perform these tasks.


Creating a new Watson Machine Learning service instance

You can create a new instance of the Watson Machine Learning service from the IBM Cloud catalog:

Required, supporting services

To train models using Watson Machine Learning, you need instances of two supporting services:


Retrieving service credentials

To use IBM Cloud services programmatically, including using your Watson Machine Learning models in notebooks and applications, you need the service credentials.

Note: Service credentials are not the same thing as your IBMid. Service credentials are authentication credentials associated with a service (not a specific user.) Service credentials are what apps and other tools use to interact with a service.

To retrieve service credentials, perform the following steps:

  1. Log in to IBM Cloud external link
  2. From your IBM Cloud dashboard, click the service for which you want to retrieve credentials
  3. Click Service credentials
  4. Click View credentials
  5. If no credentials exist for this service, create them by clicking Create credentials
  6. To copy the credentials, click the copy icon



The following video demonstrates creating instances of Watson Machine Learning, Cloud Object Storage, and Apache Spark, as well as retrieving Watson Machine Learning credentials:

Figure 1. Video iconIBM Watson Machine Learning: Get Started
This video provides an overview of how to set up your machine learning-related services.