Watson Machine Learning samples

These samples demonstrate using IBM Watson Machine Learning features and IBM Watson Studio tools.

New samples and examples for the v2 Machine Learning service

Starting on September 1, 2020, the v2 Watson Machine Learning service instance is available to support new features and a new set of APIs. Lite users are automatically migrated to the v2 service instance. Standard and Professional users can choose when to migrate. A set of sample notebooks are available to showcase different techniques and frameworks associated with the new service instance.

Additionally, step-by-step tutorials are available for the AutoAI Experiment Builder.

V2 Examples for a newly provisioned Watson Machine Learning service

Note: To run these samples and examples, you must be using a v2 Watson Machine Learning Service instance, provisioned after September 1, 2020. For details, see Watson Machine Learning Service instance.

Samples and examples for the legacy v1 Machine Learning service

During the migration period, you can still run samples and examples associated with a legacy v1 Watson Machine Learning service instance. However, note the following requirements and restrictions:

  • You must use a v1 service instance and associated credentials to run a v1 sample or example. Follow the authentication steps to authenticate with deprecated samples.
  • Lite users can use existing v1 service credentials, but cannot create new credentials.
  • Standard and Professional users can use existing v1 service credentials and can also create new v1 service credentials. The Credentials page was removed from the IBM Cloud Services catalog, so follow the steps in Generating legacy Watson Machine Learning credentials to create new credentials using the IBM Cloud CLI.
  • View the samples and tutorials for the v1 Machine Learning service.