Managing models

If you train and deploy multiple versions of models, you need to track various versions and key events for your models. Model lineage provides the means for you to track and manage versions of Watson Machine Learning models.

Extend your Development Operations capabilities

Extend your model operations with multicloud offerings that optimize the use of machine learning models across clouds and allow you to integrate with continuous integration and continuous deployment. For details, see Data Science for Multicloud ModelOps.

Model activities

Use model activities to track events specific to Watson Machine Learning models. The activities graph shows the history of the events performed on the Watson Machine Learning asset.

Activities events that are tracked include:

  • Model created
  • Model deployed
  • Model re-evaluated
  • Model retrained
  • Model set as an active model

To view activities for an asset, click the asset name in a project and click the Activities page. Click a particular event to see details. You can see this type of information about each event:

  • Where: In which project the event occurred.
  • Who: The name of the user who performed the action, unless the action was automated. Automated actions generate events, but don’t show user names.
  • What: A description of the action. Some events show details about the original and updated values.
  • When: The date and time of the event.

For details on reviewing model activities, see Activities for Watson Machine Learning assets.